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Advanced search techniques
AND searches. The default mode of this search engine is AND.
automobile train bus = automobile AND train AND bus
OR searches. Put OR in capital letters between two words.
automobile OR bus
NOT searches. Put a "-" before the term
auto -automatic = auto AND NOT automatic
EXACT phrase searches. Use single-byte quotation marks.
"automobile brake"
You can combine any of the above, but parentheses are not supported, and OR words are grouped first
"red lantern" eat restaurant OR bar -family = "red lantern" AND eat AND (restaurant OR bar) AND NOT family
The jeKai Fuzzy Match function allows the search engine to match within words.
When checked, the keyword tom will match Tom, tomb, automobile, atom, etc.

A note to first-time users
jeKai project is an online Japanese to English dictionary.
And while we do not want to discourage anyone from using the site, we have to admit that it is not very helpful for people who don't read Japanese, and it is not much help in answering questions like "how do you say 'rose' in Japanese?" For those sorts of questions, try EDICTor Eijiro

It is also not useful for answering questions like "how do I spell my name in Japanese?" For that try this page on Jim Breen's web site.

Almost all of the Japanese in jeKai is in Japanese script, not romaji (Latin alphabet), so you need a Japanese-capable browser to search and display the Japanese in jeKai entries. Or you could try viewing jeKai pages through the Shodoka web site, a graphical interface portal that renders Japanese web pages with graphics. Not much help if you don't read Japanese though.

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