Terrestrial Life

This is the top page for the bilingual taxonomy of life with links to the biological entries in jeKai.

Although URLs in jeKai are permanent to facilitate external links, the URLs in this taxonomy of life will (hopefully) change as biologists make revisions. Ideally, to help translators and researches dealing with old documents, this taxonomy will include old classifications (birds under dinosaurs as well as not) as well as new ones with notes indicating when changes were made in the biological community.

To facilitate mirroring and external hyperlinks, the following page has been prepared with links to jeKai biological entries: File locations.

A glossary has been prepared as a quick reference for taxonomic terms: Glossary.

Although the Japanese government recommends katakana be used for biological terms, kanji are still commonly used. Because the kanji often contain information about the name not available with katakana, kanji are used when possible.

Until recently, the kingdoms 界 were at the top of the hierarchy; recent proposals include having domains ドメイン or (or superkingdoms 超生物界) top the list. To crawl down the taxonomy, start at the domains or kingdoms below. To jump to the bottom or somewhere in between, see the complete list of clades and species here: Exhaustive listing.

This entry was created by Benjamin Barrett.

Created 2000-08-10 Revised 2000-08-22.

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