This page gives a quick listing of Japanese and English terms to help navigate the taxonomy of life.

Levels - Top to Bottom

Principal levels (traditional ones through which the tree may be navigated) are listed in boldface

English Japanese Romanization Comments
1. domain ドメイン domein Also known as empire and superkingdom, and 超生物界 /chou-seibutsu kai/
subdomain ?   unconfirmed citation
2. kingdom kai  
subkingdom 亜界 akai  
superphylum 上門 joumon  
3. phylum (pl. phyla) mon In botany, phyla are called divisions
subphylum 亜門 amon  
superclass 上綱 joukou  
4. class kou 類 is often used in place of 綱 in vernacular Japanese (i.e., 哺乳類).
subclass 亜綱 akou  
infraclass ? ? unconfirmed citation
cohort 同齢集団 dourei shuudan  
subcohort 亜同齢集団? adourei shuudan  
superorder 上目  joumoku  
5. order moku  
suborder 亜目 amoku  
infraorder ?   unconfirmed citation
parvorder?? ?   unconfirmed citation
superfamily 上科 jouka  
6. family ka  
subfamily 亜科 aka  
tribe zoku Note: same pronunciation as genus 属
subtribe 亜族 azoku Note: same pronunciation as subgenus 亜属
7. genus (pl. genera) zoku Note: same pronunciation as tribe 族
subgenus 亜属 azoku Note: same pronunciation as subtribe 亜族
8. species (pl. species) shu  
subspecies 亜種 ashu  
variety, varietas 変種 henshu abbreviated var.
forma 品種 hinshu abbreviated f.

Other Terms

English Japanese Romanization Comments
clade 分岐群 bunki gun  
level 分類階級 bunrui kaikyuu  
phylogenetic classification 系統発生的分類 keitou hassei-teki bunrui  
phylogeny 系統発生 keitou hassei  
sub- a subkingdom = 亜界, suborder = 亜目, etc.
super- jou superorder = 上目, etc.
taxon (pl. taxa) 分類単位 bunrui tan'i  
taxonomy of life 生物分類 seibutsu bunrui  

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